Schiff Just Got Call From Russian ‘Insider’ Claiming NAKED Pics Of Trump – Here’s The REAL Tape!!

Democrats are just so darn susceptible. They’re so eager to take down President Trump that they’re willing to dig up any dirt on him, even when it’s from an unverified source.

Democrat Representative Adam Schiff, as you may know, is at the forefront of the FISA memo debacle. He was also the target of a prank that he absolutely fell for hook line and sinker.

A phone conversation from 2017 reveals the Democrat representative’s gullibility. Two Ukranian pranksters punked the hell out of Schiff, who was absolutely oblivious during the entire eight-minute conversation.

The pranksters are two men from Russia who go by the names “Vovan” and “Lexus.” They have their own YouTube channel where they prank call politicians and other public figures. Schiff was their latest target.

In the Schiff call, one of the men pretended to be Ukranian Parliament Chairman Andriy Parubiy, and he claimed to have a recording that proved Trump was colluding with Vladimir Putin. In the faux story, Putin was blackmailing Trump with nude photos of the POTUS, which was taken during an affair with a Russian model.

A Schiff representative is now claiming that Schiff knew the call was bogus the entire time and even alerted authorities. However, just listen to the conversation and you be the judge.

Schiff definitely appeared to buy the story. There were multiple points where he appeared to be taking notes as he asked for the spelling of certain names. He even told the prankster not to divulge too much information as the Russians may be eavesdropping.

As one might expect, Schiff is currently and deservingly the butt of political jokes on social media. Only in liberal America does a man like this get elected to high office.

Is Schiff this desperate to take down Trump, or is he just plain dumb?



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