Mark Levin Just Announced The One Person Media Is Defending The Most! It’s EXACTLY Who You Think!

The mainstream media never apologizes for underreporting or covering up Democrat Party malfeasance. In fact, they are quick to come to their defense, often utilizing Democrat Party terminology to down-play credible allegations, such as the Clintonian favorite: the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” When the media really wants to protect their “buddies,” however, their method of choice is complete silence.

The latest mainstream media cover-up campaign has been uncovered by conservative author and radio host Mark Levin. On his Monday radio show, he boldly castigated the biased media for their part in keeping one key figure completely clear of the recent memo release and the unconscionable corruption it has uncovered. That key figure? None other than former President Barack Hussein Obama, leader of the administration he, himself touted as the most “transparent administration in history.”

According to Levin, Barack Obama “had to know, at least generally” about the corruption surrounding the FISA warrant application, the dossier used to procure the FISA warrant, and the lengths his administration and the FBI went to hide the politicization of the phony document.

Levin lays out his case one operative at a time, explaining their ties to the President, and raising serious doubt that any information such as that which surrounded the FISA application, would fail to reach the Commander-in-Chief. Beginning with Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch, who he pointed out was “never bashful about revealing information” and “political as she was,” the idea the President wasn’t informed of this information is “preposterous.”

He continues, citing Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates’ “knowledge of the situation,” and her clearly biased political motivations, evidenced by her “refusal to defend Trump’s constitutional refugee executive orders,” early last year. Finally adding former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe would have been remiss to have kept Obama out of the loop, concerning their investigation into the Trump campaign, and the FISA warrant that permitted access to it.

The mainstream media has been running roughshod over journalistic integrity and ethics, especially in regards to the scandalous behavior of the Democrat Party. Not surprisingly, they have “circled the wagons” around their symbol of progressive righteousness, Barack Obama. Thankfully, intellectually honest commentators like Mark Levin exist to blow open their ranks and expose the filth they are so fiercely guarding.

Should Barack Obama be made to answer for his part in his administration’s corrupt behavior?

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