‘Follower Of God’ Sheriff With Young Twins Had “DREAMS” Too! DESTROYED By MS-13 Gang Thug

In all probability 34-year-old Sheriff Micah Flick may have watched the State of the Union Address like millions of others viewers several weeks ago, when the president invited lifelong Democrat Evelyn Rodriguez to join him and share her heartbreaking story with the nation regarding the senseless murder of her 16-year old daughter at the hands of the brutal MS-13 gang.

Her daughter Kayla and her friend Nisa where attacked on September 13th 2016 by the predominantly Latino gang members, many residing in America illegally.

On Monday Sheriff Flick encountered the same senseless faith at the hands of another 19-year-old Mexican gang member named Manuel Zetina.

The incident began as a police task force was investigating auto thefts within the area, conducting a search at the 4200 block of Galley Road at around 4 p.m. Investigating a stolen vehicle, when they encountered Zatina who quickly drew a gun and began firing, hitting Deputy Micah Lee Flick, officers Scott Stone, Sergeant Jake Abendshan, and Officer Marcus Yanez returned fire, however they were also wounded in the gun battle. Flick died on the way to the hospital.

A Facebook page apparently belonging to the Mexican gang member chronicles a young life steeped in gang culture and ultimately violence and death.

On one Facebook posting the young thug boasts in slang referencing gang affiliation; “I bang dat Big Bad Soldados 13 Gang,”

Sheriff Flick was described by fellow lawmen as a great deputy, father, husband, and a great friend to so many, the young husband and father of 7-year old twins, a boy, and a girl grew up in Colorado Springs.

Mike Hestermann, Chief Development Officer for Shield 616 said, “When the call is given to go, they go, and Micah, that was the way he was wired.”

“It’s devastating, it’s heartbreaking, it is a huge loss for our city,” Brady Boyd, Senior Pastor for New Life Church said.

Do you believe President Trump will get the funding this year to begin building the wall, so that murderous gangs like MS-13 will have a harder time entering our country? Tell us what you think in the comments below.



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