DREAMers Just Made BOLD Threat Over DACA Deal! But This Is Something We Couldn’t Want More!!

The GOP and Democrats are still bickering over a DACA deal. The current DACA plan expires in March. If no resolution is made by then, the DREAMers will be permitted to finish out their term under the plan but then be declared illegal immigrants.

Some of these DREAMers are so distraught that they’re threatening a bold move that every conservative is praying that they’ll actually do. Several DACA recipients are now threatening to self-deport, saying that they would rather leave the country on their own terms than be hauled away by ICE. Now, if they were to actually do that rather than just pay lip service, it would be one hell of a hallelujah moment for American citizens.

To the DREAMers, the idea is that once they leave, the country would suffer due to the absence of their contributions. If anything, this should be good for undocumented citizens; they get to leave the country that they claim is so racist and oppressive towards people of color. Once they return to their home country, they can be SJWs all they want over there.

While fingers are crossed that these DREAMers will put their money where their mouth is, more than likely they will fail to live up to their promise. Do you remember how many people threatened to move to Canada if Trump was elected president? How many of them actually applied for Canadian residency? As far as we know, the number is a big fat zero. This is because liberals have a bark that never live up to their bite.

By the way, why Canada and not the south of the border? That’s pretty darn racist.

Should a resolution fail to be reached by March, do you think DREAMers would actually pack up and flee the same way they came in?

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