BOMBSHELL: Look What HUGE Anti-Trump PAC Used THOUSANDS Of Tax-Payer Dollars For!

In the real world where most hard-working Americans reside the thought that one can take money that doesn’t belong to you and spend it as if it were your own, is called “STEALING” and the penalty for stealing, depending on the severity of the crime, could range from community service, financial restitution to a jail sentence, unless of course one resides in the lopsided world of politics and the countless activist groups, organizations, and lobbyists, using the donor scam in many instances to embezzle funds.

Perhaps the biggest offenders are the countless anti-Trump activist groups and organizations that have sprung up branding themselves “The Resistance” asking for donations to fund this event or that rally.

According to a new report by The Daily Beast; “one of the many new progressive-minded organizations to bloom in the age of anti-Trump fervor,” managed to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in 2016 to defeat Trump. After Trump de-“inevitable”-ized Hillary Clinton on election night, the PAC, partly led by senior advisor Scott Dworkin, expertly morphed into a “resist Trump” effort and continued to pull in Democratic dollars, much of them coming in the form of $200 or less donations from “un-itemized” donors.”

Daily Best reporters Lachlan Markay and Sam Stein noted; “It’s what the group has done with its money, not how much it has brought in, that has raised eyebrows among other operatives.”

According to 2016 FEC records, nearly 90% of the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to the “Coalition against Trump” went to Dworkin and other staff members, “either personally or through a consulting company.”

Moreover, in 2017, more than half the nearly half-a-million dollars that the PAC took in as donations actually ended up going to employees or their consulting firms.

The Daily Beast interviewed a few disgruntled Democratic donors and insiders regarding the shady financial practices of Dworkin.

“He is conning people into giving him small-dollar donations so he can pay himself and sustain an organization that gains him credibility,” said one top party operative, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “It’s a f***ing abomination.”

Do you think characters like Scott Dworkin should be required to return donations that don’t finance the indented cause? Do you believe this is just another clever scam?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Source: Daily Wire





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