Another Government Shutdown Just Happened OVERNIGHT Over Major Change Dems Are Going To HATE!

If you’re a fiscal conservative, then you deplore the Dems for their reckless spending on social and welfare programs. The Republicans are supposed to represent limited government and enforce a cap on wasteful spending. Unfortunately, they disappointed many conservative Americans after agreeing to a deal with the Democrats that would massively increase the federal budget and raise the country’s debt.

The monstrous budget lifts spending caps by $300 billion over two years and includes both defense and non-defense spending. Some of the provisions include $2 billion for medical research, $4 billion for college affordability, and a whopping $20 billion for infrastructure programs.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul valiantly took a stand by attempting to block the vote but it was futile. His efforts were met with multiple criticisms from his fellow GOPers.

As one can expect, many conservative Americans feel betrayed. Conservatives are supposed to be for less government, which means more fiscal responsibility. On the other side of the aisle, a few Democrats are also fuming but for a different reason. Some members of the left are outraged that the budget does not include some sort of deal for DACA. As usual, the Dems proved that their loyalty lies in undocumented immigrants rather than the American people; surprise, surprise.

With the budget bill passed, the government was reopened after being shut down for a mere four hours.

In some ways, many Republicans are not unlike Dems in that they act like the proverbial pandering politician. On the surface, they champion fiscal conservatism when in reality they will quickly abandon those principles the minute it becomes politically inconvenient. The Republicans that approved of this bill, by the way, are the very same ones that criticized Obama all these years for his irresponsible spending.

Does this feel like a betrayal and a slap in the face of what American fiscal conservatism is supposed to stand for?



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