Did She Really Just Say That? Maxine ‘Dirty’ Waters Just LOST IT Over Pelosi’s ILLEGAL Agenda!!

Aunt Maxine is at it again. Remember her riveting BET News appearance, last week, during which she provided her “expert” rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union address? This time she is applauding her comrade, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), after she spent eight hours delivering a “filibuster style” address on the House floor Wednesday afternoon.

The Representative from California’s 43rd Congressional District was praising her fellow Democrat for the use of her “leadership minute” (AKA “magic minute”), during which Pelosi explained she would not support a budget measure if it did not include a promise to vote on DACA provisions.

Her eight-hour marathon speech, discussed the “plight of the ‘dreamers’ and DACA” as described by Waters. This continues the Democrats’ decision to continue to hold Americans hostage, in favor of seeking protection for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, who were brought here by their parents.

President Trump has maintained his position on the matter, in which he has promised to provide protection for DACA recipients and their immediate family members in exchange for border wall funding, as well as the end of “chain-migration” and the infinitely flawed visa “lottery” system. This is a truly generous bipartisan offer the Democrats should accept, but their party leadership has opted not to stray from their obstructionist goal, which is designed to attempt to keep the President from passing any legislation.

In the beginning of Trump’s tenure in the oval office, Congressional Democrats could boast to their constituents that they were opposing “harmful Republican policies.” Now their refusal to engage in legislative negotiation is actually hurting the potential for Democrat-favored policies from coming to fruition.

What Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are urging the House and Senate to do is undermine the U.S. Constitution, and they are doing so while threatening to shut down the people’s government. Who are those people? They are American citizens, who are actually protected by the constitution, who do not “owe” individuals who have gained entrance to this great nation illegally.

Pelosi and her fellow Democrats will continue to engage in political theater, like Nancy’s stunt on the House floor, because they do not have a fundamental respect for the citizens of this country or the constitution. Their clear goal is to see to it that the wave of unskilled, uneducated, and crime-ridden aliens continue to pour into this country, eventually gaining the ability to vote, which they will undoubtedly use to punch their ticket for Democrat candidates and policies. And, of course, Maxine ‘Dirty’ Waters will always be one of the loudest cheerleaders of all radical-leftist un-American agendas.

Do you think Maxine Waters is “fit” for public service?

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