MUTINY! Pelosi’s Latest ILLEGAL Trick Just Backfired BIG TIME! Look What Dems Just Did To Her!!

Of course it was a political stunt, that’s what progressives are noted for, moreover simply listen to some of the nonsense that has come out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth within recent years, “We do know that many more people, hundreds of thousands of people, will die if this bill passes,” or her response to the Trump tax cuts, and the spontaneous response of American businesses suddenly giving on average $1,000 bonuses to their employees, and of course Pelosi referencing those bonuses as “CRUMBS.”

However, with all do respect to Pelosi’s far left San Francisco base one can’t help but be impressed watching a 77-year old woman standing on stiletto heels speaking nonstop for 8-hours on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

If only the drivel coming out of her mouth matched her impressive stamina then perhaps those Democrats worried about getting reelected within this hostile immigration environment will have Pelosi to thank if they lose because of her  political stunt on illegal immigration, Wednesday,

“Virtually everyone trying to win seats outside of California feels she has hurt their chances,” chimed one disgruntled Democrat.

Moreover, ouse Democrats are enraged at Pelosi’s self-serving antics and her decision to take to the House floor and go on an unprecedented 8-hour marathon

Pelosi’s dramatic stand to speak until Republicans gave in to her demands to protect DREAMers had already been acknowledged by President Trump who offered a generous proposal weeks ago, so why the additional theatrics?

That question can perhaps best be answered by Politico interviewing about a dozen House Democrats, several of whom only spoke on the condition on anonymity so they could give honest responses about their opinion of Pelosi’s stunt.

The consensus; Pelosi is trying to “shore up support with the progressive base” who feel Democrats have failed to do enough to protect DREAMers.

Many on the far left like Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) believe Democrats have lost their leverage in forcing Republicans to negotiate, even though the President offered them an outstanding immigration deal.

Do you believe Pelosi’s 8-hour endurance stunt was designed to stop rumors that she’s to old and should move aside for younger blood?  

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Source: Daily Wire




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