BREAKING! Startling New Info Reveals FBI Used Liberal Insider In Another HUGE Wiretap Operation!!

The one thing that is certain within the widening probe and multiple scandals involving the 2016 presidential election, the Russian collusion hoax, the phony dossier and the Clinton email fiasco, is that this is just the tip of the iceberg and what lies beneath may very well bring down the entire Obama Administration.

This latest revelation now involves another Clinton disciple Sidney Blumenthal, the infamous “hatchet man” who may have funneled phony Russian information to the FBI through the State Department controlled of course by Hillary Clinton, targeting Carter Page.

According to Mark Hemingway of The Weekly Standard, the FBI is now investigating a “SECOND DOSSIER” compiled by a Clinton crony named Cody Shearer. The report alleges Shearer compiled the anti-Trump material at the behest of Clinton.

Natasha Bertrand of The Atlantic has seen the memo which covers “a range of allegations concerning the president’s personal behavior and financial transactions.”

According to Bertrand, the scope of the corruption involved the Obama State Department utilizing Special Envoy to Libya Jonathan Winer who passed the phony information from Shearer to British spy Christopher Steele, who intern used additional bogus information that he created as opposition research against Trump which would then be used by the Clinton Campaign along with Democratic National Committee.

Blumenthal’s name emerged this week when Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) hinted during the ongoing investigation that Blumenthal had passed information on to Hillary’s State Department, with the goal of passing on that information to Steele who would then presumably funnel that information back to the FBI.

Hemingway sums up the infamous cast of characters involved in the widening probe stating:

“If the Guardian report is accurate, the FBI had better have a very good answer for why it’s looking at information compiled by the likes of Cody Shearer. And if Steele otherwise incorporated Shearer’s information into his own dossier, it raises even more serious questions about what the FBI knew about the reliability and provenance of Steele’s information.”

Do you believe there will be multiple indictments of Obama and Clinton cronies by the end of the year?

Source: Daily Wire





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