Here Are The 7 BOLD Words Trump Said Just Before The Super Bowl That Made Every Player Stand For The Anthem!!

It was interesting to see what kind of SJW-inspired nonsense would take place at Super Bowl LLI. Surely, either the players or performers would pull off some stunt by taking a knee or espouse some BLM rhetoric. Surprisingly, though, the event was actually quite tame, and players from both teams actually stood for the National Anthem and placed their hands over their heart.

The National Anthem performer was Pink, who is known as of late for her own social justice leanings. However, even she performed quite magnificently without creating drama.

What’s with the about-face after a deeply politically-driven season?

It should be noted that just before the game, President Trump sent out the following message:

Trump’s message was truly presidential. He reminded Americans that the Super Bowl event is a time-honored pastime that many men and women in the armed forces don’t get to enjoy. He emphasized that this is why we stand for the Anthem. If for nothing else, then at least stand for them, because they’re sure as hell fighting for us.

After the singing of the Anthem that saw all the players standing, Trump sent out this brief response of approval:

Did Trump’s strong message of servicemember support prompt every player to stand? We may never know, but what’s clear is that when it came to the biggest national sporting event, everyone came together without political drama.

Do you think this will continue, or will players resume their social justice shenanigans next season?

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