BREAKING! Schiff’s DISTURBING Connection To George Soros EXPOSED! He NEVER Wanted This To Get Out!!

There’s little doubt that most of us have heard the name of billionaire George Soros, and more likely than not we probably also know that he has contributed large sums of money to progressive politicians and has bankrolled a number of far-left organizations and violent radical groups like Black Lives Matter, along with Open Society Foundations.

What you’re probably not aware of is that Democrat Adam Schiff’s sister was also once married to George Soros’ son, which makes perfect sense if you’re George Soros using both your family ties and your vast wealth in assuring loyalty from your political allies, no doubt a trait acquired as a young lad observing the Nazi high command during the 1940’s and how they were able to extract loyalty from the Hungarian population

In fact, young George made an excellent living collaborating with the Nazi’s by confiscating property and personal belongings of his Jewish neighbors.

Today 87-year old Soros is still collaborating, however, this time with Democrats and with the same idea of confiscation, however this time it’s our Founding principles and values, using progressive dupes like Schiff to do his bidding, by bankrolling Schiff’s political career.

The Open Society and Soros-funded groups have additionally supported a number of Schiff’s legislative efforts.

One of which is to continue pushing the collusion angle between Donald Trump and Moscow perhaps right up to the midterm elections.

Last month, Schiff delivered the opening statements at a Congressional hearing where he laid out the case for alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

He’s now leading the charge attempting to discredit the mounting evidence against Hillary Clinton (another Soros stooge) and her attempt to steal the presidential election by using both the Justice Department and the FBI in conspiring against candidate Trump, and later President-elect Trump, by paying for and falsifying a political hit peace created by a foreign agent as evidence of Russian collusion.

Do you think as the investigations become more intense that Soros money may have been also used in the unfolding memo scandals?    

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