BREAKING! ‘Deep State’ Terrified After Learning What’s About To Come Out In SECOND Trump Dossier!!

Investigative journalist Sara Carter went on FOX and Friends on Sunday with yet another revelation to equal Friday’s release of the bombshell memo, regarding the release of a “Second Bogus Dossier” that stunning announcement Carter acknowledged has  the deep state “terrified” of what that second dossier might reveal,

The brief four-plus minute video clip captured Republican House Intelligence Committee chaired Devin Nunes discussing the next phase of the investigation briefly referencing The State Department and perhaps Secretary of State John Kerry’s involvement regarding the ever-widening probe.

Carter referenced several former Obama members namely former Attorney General Holder (who was the only AG cited for contempt of Congress) and Kerry going public immediately after the memo was released claiming that the release of the memo would jeopardize national security moreover the integrity of the Justice Department and the FBI.

Carter continued speculating on what the second memo might reveal: “The second memo that the House Intelligence Committee is putting together. We’re still waiting for the Inspector General’s report that is going to be coming out. That’s going to be directed at Andrew McCabe, now former director Andrew McCabe, and others. And I think they’re terrified what’s going to come out here.”

Adding; “Here’s what we know. There was a second dossier that was put together by a person named Cody Shearer. He is a very controversial activist, a former reporter who worked with the Clinton’s in the past. And the FBI was also using this second dossier as part of what they were doing to back up the other dossier by Christopher Steele, an unverified dossier. And we believe Christopher Steele was also sending information to the State Department in bits and snippets. But I think the most important thing here and one of the things they are going to be looking at very closely are the leaks. There were a number of leaks out unverified information by possibly senior members of the Obama administration.”

Do you believe the second memo will implicate directly members of the Obama Administration?

Source: The Gateway Pundit






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