Hours After Super Bowl Illegal Wanted For Deportation Kills NFL Superstar – Look How Many Times He Was Deported ALREADY!!

Super Bowl LLI ran quite smoothly without players making a political statement. The singing of the Anthem, in fact, was quite beautiful with every player standing.

Sadly, tragic news followed just hours after a wonderful event. News broke not long after that Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed in an automobile collision. What is really infuriating is the fact that the collision was caused by a drunken driver. The DUI suspect has been identified as Alex Cabrera Gonsales. Not only is he in the country illegally, but he has been previously deported twice and is currently wanted for deportation.

This is Kate Steinle all over again. Jackson was only 26-years-old and had a promising career ahead of him doing what many young men can only dream of. Jackson was not the only victim. Also in the vehicle was 54-year-old Jeffrey Monroe, a companion of Jackson. Monroe was also killed in the collision.

Gonsales had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit and even tried to flee the scene of the accident. Furthermore, Gonsales isn’t even his real name; it’s an alias to evade authorities. His real name is Manuel Orrego-Savala.

In light of the tragic news, Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita made these sentiments that are surely shared by many Americans:

To the Democrats, Americans have this to say:

How many more innocent American lives have to share the tragic fate of Kate Steinle, Edwin Jackson, and countless others? With each incident, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Democrat loyalty clearly does not lie in the American people. Their loyalty belongs to whoever will vote to keep them in office.

How many more people, Democrats? How many more?



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