WATCH: Major Mainstream Media Just Tried To Rally Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ – Nice Try!!

The left constantly claims that Republicans are a bunch of shoot-from-the-hip cowboys, “bitterly clinging to God and their guns” as then-candidate Barack Obama so eloquently put it. Their charge is that conservatives do not care about human life, just their “perceived” right to bear arms, and value that right above all else. According to the mainstream media, the push for “all-out revolution” would most definitely come from somewhere on the right… right?

Wrong. Very wrong, indeed. The side of the aisle that has been hopelessly entrenched in an internal battle between the sect that wants to move on and the faction that craves “revenge” against Donald Trump and the Americans who voted for him, is calling for violence. Their anti-Trump cult has gone so far off the deep end, they hardly resemble the “loving, caring humanists” they always claimed to be. They have become increasingly militant, seething with hatred, yet offering little to nothing in the way of evidence against the President or his conservative agenda.

The rhetoric coming from those who are using such strong verbiage as “revolution,” is belligerent and intellectually dishonest. The latest to espouse the idiotic notion of “revolution” comes from a recent guest on MSNBC, Donny Deutsch. You may remember this piece of human filth, from his ridiculous ‘Morning Joe’ rant last June, during which he called the President a “vulgar pig,” “disgusting to look at,” and “not mentally okay.” All of these degradations came during what he himself called “going thug.” Fascinating television.

This time, as a guest on MSNBC, the very mentally stable Donny Deutsch took things a step further:

“Our democracy is under siege. People need to start taking to the streets. This is a dictator.”

The Deutschter, obviously talking about Donald Trump, continued:

“This is not the time to analyze and pundit. People, this is a – we need a revolution at this point. And I’m not doing TV here – and going what is he doing? This is what’s going on.”

Very stable, indeed. What is actually disturbing about this sentiment is that the mainstream media seems to have aligned themselves with this ideology. The overwhelming percentage of Trump coverage from the drive-bys has been more than negative. Echoing the voices of Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the media has attempted to classify every single move executed by the President and the GOP as the “end of the world, as we know it.”

The constant need to speak with outrageous hyperbole against any policy put forth by the President borders on insanity, especially when one actually takes the time to investigate exactly what Trump and the GOP’s policies are aimed at achieving. However, in this day and age, many Americans are not taking the time to find the facts and make their own judgments. Young people, especially, are listening to political hacks from sources like Vox and Vanity Fair for their news. There is a group of fringe-leftists out there who are waiting for someone like Donny Deutsch to issue a “call to arms.” When people are told daily that their President, with whom they disagree on just about every policy position, is a racist, dictatorial, traitorous, monster, they begin to believe it.

The Democrats have successfully created a monster of their own. Their fringe cult would love to engage in a revolution against Donald Trump and Republicans. They believe what their Democratic leadership has told them. All of their highly ratcheted rhetoric has got to stop, or violence will most definitely ensue.

What do you think should be done about those openly calling for ‘revolution’ against Donald Trump?

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