OUTRAGE: Major Sanctuary City Just DESTROYED Iconic American Statue In Anti-American Attack!

Liberals can’t help themselves but to go on these ridiculous power trips every once in a while. After the Charlotteville incident, libs called for the removal of any statue of historical figures that had even the slightest hint of a connection to slavery or past racial ills.

The same rabid progressives are at it again. This time, leftists out of California’s San Jose want to remove a Christopher Columbus statue from its city hall.

The statue has been there for over 50 years and was originally a gift to the city from members of the Italian-American community. It’s funny how no one over the last five decades has found the statue to be offensive until just several months ago.

According to the city’s very liberal mayor Sam Liccardo, the statue needs to go because Columbus never actually set foot in California, much less San Jose. Therefore, he never made a contribution to the city’s culture.

Others have argued that the statue needs to go simply because it isn’t aesthetically appealing enough.

Of course, the reasonings are all bullcrap. It’s clear as day that the statue is being removed over political correctness gone awry.

The statue has also been vandalized twice, resulting in repairs at taxpayer expense. The city has now decided that the statue will be removed in the coming weeks and permanently placed in storage.

It’s funny how liberals are triggered over a statue. Do they not realize that a statue is just marble and stone and not actually the person it’s carved in the shape of?

None of this should be surprising, though, considering that San Jose is in California and neighbors the uber-progressive city of San Francisco. The entire state is becoming a cesspit of liberal Marxism.

Do you think San Jose is looking like a fool with this overreach? 

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