NFL Just Got Hit With WORST News Yet Right Before Super Bowl! This Changes EVERYTHING!!

Remember when Super Bowl week meant a very audible buzz would linger throughout the country, leading up to the long-anticipated Sunday game? Well, those days are over, and the NFL should be extremely worried about a new poll conducted by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal.

The poll, published on Friday, shows a decline in the number of adults who identify as “closely following” the NFL by 9%, since 2014. Even more devastating to the future of the league, is the decline in interest from their key demographic, comprised of men aged 18-49. The number of these individuals claiming they “closely follow” the NFL is in steep decline, to the tune of a 24% drop. This is down from 75% just four years ago, according to the Journal/NBC News poll.

Is there any question as to what has happened, causing the NFL’s closest followers to abandon ship? Absolutely not. Scandal after scandal has continued to chip away at the facade of what has been regarded as “America’s Sport” for years. Beginning with the concussion issues, continuing through the Ray Rice incident and domestic violence, and now culminating with the NFL’s worst nightmare: Social Justice vs The National Anthem.

Aiding in the plummeting favorability of the NFL, President Trump rightly called the league and its owners out for allowing blatant disrespect for the anthem, the country, and America’s servicemen and women. This single act sent many players scrambling to line up against President Trump, in what they called “solidarity.” The fans, however, saw the situation differently, siding overwhelmingly with the President.

Now, we rapidly approach the NFL’s biggest weekend of the year, and simultaneously the worst news possible is staring the league in the face. The Super Bowl matchup, this year, happens to be a matchup which appears to have the makings of a blowout. The Patriots are head and shoulders above the Eagles, particularly because of their track record, and due to the fact that Philadelphia’s starting quarterback will be sidelined this Sunday.

What will the NFL do? Will Roger Goodell and the owners continue to bend over backward for the seemingly majority-leftist players? Or will they restore the largely politics-free game that NFL fans grew to love pre-anthem protests?

What do you think the NFL will do about their plummeting ratings?

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