BREAKING! Look What Obama And Loretta Lynch Have Been Doing To Trump For YEARS! WAY Worse Than We Thought!!

McCarthyism Reincarnated

Now that the House Intelligence Committee’s memo has finally been released, President Trump’s famous “wires tapped” tweet is completely vindicated. Back in March of 2017, the President tweeted this:

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism.” [email protected] 3:35 AM-MAR 4, 2017

The mainstream media members, who chastised Trump for these comments, now find their faces covered with egg. Immediately following Trump’s accusatory tweet, and for months to follow, biased left-wing journalists blasted Trump, claiming he was unstable and was doing the country a disservice by implicating the previous administration. However, the President’s labeling seems completely appropriate, considering the odorous stench of McCarthyism emanating from Obama’s DOJ and their FISA warrant request.

In fact, their FISA warrant request reeked of impropriety so much, that the FISA court denied the initial request to begin spying on the Trump campaign. To put that in perspective, the FISA court had only denied one out of the previous 10,700 requests, made over a period of six years. Could the FISA court, perhaps, have been hesitant to grant a warrant to look into a sitting president’s political opposition, during an election cycle, based on fabricated evidence?

According to the House Intel Committee’s memo, former AG Loretta Lynch went out of her way to ensure that the FISA warrant request’s “foundation” remained legitimate enough to secure the warrant. That “foundation,” of course, being the infamous Russia dossier. She hid all of the information that would have caused any amateur lawyer to strike her request down. The name of the ex-MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, the DNC, the Hillary campaign, and the company they commissioned to compile the dossier, Fusion GPS were all glaringly absent from the Obama administration’s request, headed by Lynch.

This McCarthyist “witch hunt” of an investigation into the Trump campaign has been bogus, from the start. It’s about time, the American people get to peek behind the mask of their former President, and his administration’s effort to delegitimize their political opponent.

Do you think Loretta Lynch should be in handcuffs?

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