BREAKING! FBI Top Official Running SCARED After Feds Found KEY Detail In FISA Memo! Lock Him Up NOW!

The anticipated FISA memo just released by Republicans on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee is indeed living up to its billing, rocking the very foundations of both the Justice Department and the FBI.

The astounding memo details how an assortment of rogue FBI agents and high-level directors colluded with an anti-Trump British operative conspired in creating a phony dossier paid for by the Clinton Campaign, which in turn became the primary instrument in acquiring a FISA warrant against members of the Trump 2016 Campaign.

One of the main players in the widening scandal is disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who has just “lawyer-ed up” and with good reason.

The just-released memo puts McCabe in the center of the potential criminal probe. However according to reliable FBI sources, McCabe was attempting to sue some media organizations for their coverage of his tenure at the FBI, apparently this thin-skinned character didn’t like how the media was covering him, however, the embattled ex FBI chief has decided to back off.

McCabe, who is also a lawyer, surrendered his FBI phones and communication devices as well as his shield and credentials, although not technically “fired” he’s hoping to reach the deadline for his retirement date.

However, although on “leave,” the incriminating evidence of perhaps tampering with federal evidence that was just released might make his retirement impossible and he could face immediate termination and perhaps criminal prosecution.

Moreover, the revelation that McCabe may have altered 302 Field Reports, the official statements of witnesses conducted by FBI agents during investigative interviews, is a criminal act with perhaps a charge of obstruction of justice.

Add to that the just-released report by several news outlets that McCabe actually sat-on and withheld evidence from both Congress and then FBI Director Comey regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails discovered on the laptop Anthony Weiner for almost a month, and you have quite an assortment of potential felonies to pick from.

All of this may finally push Attorney General Sessions into calling for a much needed Special Counsel to probe the FBI.

Do you believe there’s enough evidence of systemic malfeasance within both the Justice Department and the FBI, which requires a Special Counsel?    

Source: True Pundit




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