WATCH: Father Of Abused Gymnasts Asks Judge For ‘1 Minute Alone’ With Nassar Then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

If you’re a dad of young girls, then you already know where this is going! In that there’s almost a universal feeling that Randall Margraves, asking a judge on Friday morning if he could have 5-minutes alone with the “demon” in a locked room, is what “every dad” would demand.

The fact that Margraves whose three daughters were allegedly sexually assaulted by former USA Gymnastics national team osteopathic physician Larry Nassar actually controlled himself is a testament in his ability to stay grounded and in control of himself, for at least the beginning of the court appearance …until!

The incident took place in a Michigan courtroom as Margarves’ daughters Lauren and Madison Rae had just finished speaking, regarding the sexual assaults. When the girls concluded their testimony, that’s when dad asked the judge politely for the 5-minute beat down behind closed doors.

When the judge refused, saying, “You know I can’t do that,” Margraves decided to take street justice into his own hands hurling himself towards Nassar, prompting security officers to restrain him as Margraves cried out, “Let me at that son-of-a-b****!”

The proceedings began without any indication of what was about to happen as Margraves stood, with two of his daughters standing behind him, and asked the judge, “I would ask you to, as part of this sentencing, to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon. Would you do that?”

The Judge responded: Judge: “That is not —”

Margarves, growing more determine demanded: “Yes or no?”

Once again the Judge responded: “No.”

A brief pause followed then Margarves again asked: “Would you give me one minute?

The Judge seemingly exasperated with Margarves responds: “You know I can’t do that. That’s not how I do business.”

And that’s when Margraves attempts to meet out some street justice shouting: “Well, I’m going to have to—“then lunges at Nassar, however Nassar’s attorney Matthew Newburg blocks the potential assault and that’s when 3-burly deputies spring into action, grabbing Margraves putting him in a headlock, and finally forcing him to the floor shouting: “Let me at that son-of-a-b****! I want that! I want that son-of-a-b****! Give me one minute with that bastard! One minute.”


Moral of the story, don’t ask…”do!”

Do you think most dads would do the exact same thing if given the opportunity? Do believe street justice at times is justified? Tell us what you think in the comments below.



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