Pelosi Just Tried To TAKE OUT Huge GOP Politician In Last Ditch Attempt To Contain Memo Release Fallout!

The Dems are absolutely in a panic over the GOP’s FBI probe. Once the memo is released, the American public will see that the whole Trump-Russia collusion was poppycock the whole time. It will also expose the higher-ups who were on the DNC’s payroll.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is leading the way in the memo’s release. Nancy Pelosi, though, is fighting tooth and nail to stop the release. In fact, she is so desperate that she has penned a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and asked for him to relieve Nunes from his position.

The letter cited Nunes’ actions as a violation of House rules and a partisan attempt to discredit the Dem’s hopeless Trump-Russia scandal narrative.

Pelosi used some harsh language to describe Nunes, using words like “dishonest” and “unfit.” She further lambasts his actions as an obstruction and cover-up.

Chuck Schumer has also joined in, as has House Intelligence Committee member Adam Schiff. The latter has repeatedly accused Nunes of altering the memo.

Even the FBI has now chimed in, saying that the memo contains “material omissions of fact” that greatly degrade its accuracy.

Of course, even after a year’s worth of investigation, the Dems have yet to acquire any solid proof of the President colluding with the Russians.

Democrats just can’t seem to let this whole Russian nonsense go. They just peddle it to the wall in the hopes that something will stick. Of course, it’s all just smoke and mirrors concocted by an establishment that would rather take down the Commander-in-Chief than to help the American people.

Are Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats showing the peak stages of desperation and Trump Derangement Syndrome? Tell us what you think in the comments below.



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