Michelle Obama Just Got Dealt MASSIVE Blow! Her Legacy Is FINISHED!!

The astounding reality that gets little if any acknowledgment is that within just one year President Trump has been able to virtually wipe-out the lion’s share of Barack Obama’s legacy, rolling back one punitive regulation after another.

Remarkably even before the massive tax overhaul, the president embarked on restoring confidence back within the private sector promising to cut two regulations for every new one enacted.

Even the dreaded “Affordable Care Act” known as ObamaCare is finally being shredded, with the repeal of its punitive tax plan which forced individuals to either buy “a one size fits all” insurance premium or pay a penalty.

Moreover, another Obama era mandate may also be destined for the chopping block, next week the House of Representatives is set to vote on a  common sense Nutrition Disclosure Act, legislation introduced by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).

The Washington Examiner reports the Obama-era regulations that was a passion of former First Lady Michelle Obama, mandating restaurants and other commercial eateries give customers calorie counts and other nutritional information about the food they’re selling is about to get a much needed  “make-over.”

The new bill will ease up on the regulations, making it less restrictive and more business-friendly by providing a more common sense approach limiting the burdensome regulation of providing calorie counts and other information for every possible combination of food.

Rodgers referenced her new bill saying: “Under the current rule, every deli and salad bar offering, every possible pizza topping combination will have to be calculated and their calorie count displayed on physical menus.”

Adding: “The FDA wants these restaurants to put on paper all of these variations and their calorie counts, and have it publicly displayed in the restaurants,” she added. “It’s an unrealistic use of these business owners’ time.”

Do you think history will chronicle the Obama years as the most expensive administration with the least actual accomplishments?

Source: The Federalist Papers



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