BREAKING! Memo Just Released To Public! Here’s What They Kept From YOU!!

It’s been declassified! After months of speculation and accusations hurled from both sides, President Trump has finally authorized the release of the much-talked-about FISA memo. Better yet, there were no redactions in the memo, meaning any bad actors involved in the phony Trump-Russia scandal will be named and implicated.

The American public is itching to know what is in the memo. Without further ado, here are some of the key findings:

  • DOJ official Bruce Ohr had a meeting with Christopher Steele in summer 2016. In the conversation, Steele expressed that he was desperate and adamant that Trump not get elected.
  • FBI and DOJ officials were well aware of the dossier’s origins, but excluded this from the FISA applications.
  • Andrew McCabe confirmed that the dosier was an instrumental source in seeking a FISA warrant.

The FBI and DOJ went to great lengths to ensure the memo not end up in the hands of the House Intelligence Committee. They eventually handed over the information after threat of charges. This was met with a fierce response from members of the DNC, who mounted a campaign against the memo release. They argued that a public release could pose a national security risk.

The credit for the memo release goes mainly to Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. The release, though, required presidential approval, which Trump granted.

It should be noted, though, that the memo does not contain all the information, which means more digging is required. Expect to see more of this played out in the coming weeks as Nunes and other GOP members seek for more information release.

With the information out in the open, there’s hope that the bad actors involved will be brought to justice. It’s now indisputable that the highest-level members of the FBI and DOJ were conspiring behind the scenes to prevent a Trump presidency.

Are you eager to know more about what’s in the memo?



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