BREAKING! DOJ Just Brought MASSIVE Investigation Into Top FBI Official For What They ‘Hid’ For Hillary! Lock Them Up!!

It’s unfortunate that the reputation of the FBI as a whole is taking a hit due to the few bad apples at the top. It has been proven now that those bad apples include the likes of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who made clear efforts to undermine Trump during the election.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is another rotten apple, and he is now under investigation amid claims that he intentionally delayed the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop. It was suspected that then-candidate Hillary Clinton and aide Huma Abedin were using Weiner’s laptop to store government emails. McCabe is now suspected of trying to push back the investigation until after the election in which Clinton was widely expected to win.

According to sources, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz interviewed witnesses who claim McCabe did eventually launch an investigation to have the Weiner laptop looked at, but not until late October – just days before the election. The motive was to hold off any investigations that may hurt Clinton on election night

McCabe has been under attack by members of the GOP and has especially taken a shellacking from President Trump amid revelations that McCabe’s wife accepted campaign donations from a Clinton ally.

McCabe’s exit coincided with the vote to release the FISA memo that is believed to detail FBI and DOJ abuses regarding unlawful surveillance of the Trump campaign. The memo also reportedly implicates McCabe and has enough information to warrant a criminal investigation.

It was also believed that the White House tried to ouster McCabe back in 2017, though this has been denied by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

What all of this exposes is that the highest echelons of the FBI are marred by bad actors with a clear partisan bias against Trump and the GOP.

Is this further proof of corrupt DNC influence?

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