BREAKING! Daily Wire Just Released Perfect ‘Guide’ To Liberals 6 Part SOTU Sabotage Scheme!

It has been clear ever since Trump took office that the Democrats care more about taking out Trump than actually coming up with policies that make America great again. The Democrats are now planning a six-part rebuttal scheduled immediately after Trump’s State of the Union address.

This just shows how desperate they are, fully oblivious to the fact that their never-ending anti-Trump crusade is hurting their reputation with American voters. The planned rebuttals are pretty sad when you take a look at each one of them. Here is each one of these rebuttals at a glance. A word of caution, though, some of these may induce uncontrollable laughter.

  1. The Official Response – This will occur immediately after the SOTU. This is where they try to pick apart everything supposedly wrong with the speech and why DNC policies are better for the American people, and especially those in the flyover countries. To speak is Senator Joseph Kennedy III.
  2. The Spanish-Language Response – This will be a response in Spanish from Virginia delegate Elizabeth Guzman. If you never heard of her, she is a radical progressive who was quoted in a Huffington Post interview as saying “We cannot be centrist anymore.”
  3. The Bernie Sanders Response – You can always count on good ol’ Bernie Sanders to rant about the evils of capitalism and rich Americans not paying their fair share.
  4. The Socialist Response – The Working Families Party – a left-wing independent org – will be delivering its own speech. Expect plenty of Bernie-esque rhetoric, such as more government spending and free handouts.
  5. The Maxine Waters Response – Waters is the crazy senile lady that began the failed Impeach 45 movement. Expect to hear more of that.
  6. The Celebrity Response – There were plenty of cheap anti-trump quips at the 2018 Grammys. Not surprisingly, the show’s ratings also saw a 20% decline from last year’s event. Many celebrities have also put together their own “People’s State of the Union” which features longtime celebrity liberals like Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

Go to Daily Wire to see the original six-part rebuttal post.

Do you plan on listening in on any of these rebuttals, or would you rather listen to the sound of nails on a chalkboard?

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