BREAKING: Obama’s Secret Plan To Ensure Hillary Walked Free From Email Scandal Just Got Exposed! LOCK ‘EM BOTH UP!!!

Perhaps the obvious question regarding the daily revelations of these multiple scandals involving the missing Clinton emails, the Russian collusion hoax, the phony dossier, rogue FBI agents, corrupt senior officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI, the infamous secret meeting on a tarmac between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, questionable FISA warrants and the Robert Mueller investigation of President Trump…is where does former President Barack Obama fit into all of this?

The answer perhaps lies with the unholy alliance between Obama and Clinton and their mutual desire for unbridled power combined with a dogged progressive orthodoxy and a philosophy that “the ends justify the means.”

A new analysis from former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy thoroughly explains how former President Barack Obama made sure that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would not be indicted in the criminal investigation into her use of a private email server.

McCarthy writing for the National Review explains how Obama made sure that Clinton would not be indicted regardless of what findings the FBI or the Justice Department uncovered, in short, it was Obama’s call from the beginning.

The reasoning for Obama’s reckless decision wasn’t to actually save Clinton from being criminally indicted bur rather to save himself from the embarrassment and perhaps being criminally liable himself.

Listen to Obama lie about the email scandal and tout his “most transparent administration ever:”

In that Obama knew Clinton had been using a non-secure email account during her entire tenure as Secretary of State and did nothing to correct her willful malfeasance, in fact, he joined in the dangerous practice and actually endangered America’s national security by using a pseudonymous email account in communicating with Clinton on her unsecured email.

This dangerous practice between Obama and Clinton most assuredly contained classified information. Thus the two became willing partners in betraying America’s vital national security interests and endangering the lives of countless individuals around the world.

Therefore Obama had no choice but to protect Clinton at all costs, and perhaps the so-called technical glitch of the missing 50,000 emails between rogue FBI agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, reinforces McCarthy’s claim that something a lot more sinister waits to be uncovered.

Do you believe the missing FBI text messages along with the secret FISA memo might finally reveal the actual ‘puppet-master” Barack Obama?



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