BREAKING: Illegal Immigrants STORM Disneyland HORRIFYING Innocent Families! DEMAND More RIGHTS Than US Citizens!

Perhaps the subhead to this story should read “HOW NOT TO WIN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF AMERICAN FAMILIES ON VACATION!”

Especially when those families are being accosted by a marauding gang of thugs who don’t belong in America in the first place, namely illegal aliens.

On Monday those so-called (Obama created) DREAMers acted exactly like “illegal aliens” blocking buses carrying vacationing families on their way to Disneyland.

The 15 thugs stood in a crosswalk at South Harbor Boulevard around 10 a.m. and blocked buses from entering the Anaheim theme park, apparently upset that their Democratic co-conspirators in the Senate had balked at keeping the government shut down.

The protesters were quickly removed by law enforcement officers and were relocated to a sidewalk, where they held up signs and chanted “No dream! No deal!”

Why this group would target families with young children on vacation perhaps saving and waiting all year to attend Disneyland, isn’t a smart public relations move, which only illustrates the perception whether you’re referenced as DREAMers, DACA, undocumented, when you pull a stupid move of blocking a universal symbol of Americana like “DISNEYLAND” to many law-abiding citizens you’re rightly referenced as “illegal aliens” acting out once again “illegally.”

Suzi Brown, a spokesperson for Disneyland, corresponded through an email stating; “The group is only about 20 people, who have been peaceful. Disneyland is operating as normal today.”

The reality is President Trump is sincere in working out a DACA fix for the roughly 800,000 young people brought to America as children; however, the president is clear in his demands that a border wall must be funded and approved, an end to chain migration and the ridicules immigration lottery system.

Moreover, a DACA solution isn’t amnesty, and if Senator Schumer and company namely his radical base attempt to torpedo the February deadline with some type of pathway to citizenship nonsense, the president would be well advised to once again push for the nuclear option.

Do you believe the Schumer Democrats will attempt to push not only a DACA fix but also an amnesty deal come Feb?

Source: Daily Wire



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