RABID Libs TURN On Schumer With DESPERATE Act Of REVENGE For Caving To Trump! He’s FINISHED!

It is absolutely glorious to see the left eat itself. This is precisely what’s happening in the Democrat side of the aisle. The person getting chewed up? It’s none other than Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer.

Progressives on social media are tearing into Schumer. The hashtag #SchumerSellout is a national trend on Twitter.

Why are liberals throwing a hissy fit against one of their own? Just days ago, they were hailing Schumer for forcing a government shutdown. They were praising him as a champion fighting on behalf of the dreamers. What exactly changed in such a short span of time?

Just days into the shutdown, Schumer reversed course after President Trump, Mitch McConnell and other members of the GOP said they were open to negotiations.

The excoriations from progressive groups were brutal and harsh. According to the liberal advocacy org Democracy for America, Schumer’s about-face was “a stunning display of moral and political cowardice.”

The liberal group Indivisible Nation had this to say:

“This deal was morally reprehensible and political malpractice. It’s Senator Schumer’s job to keep the caucus together and fight for progressive values. He failed in that today.”

Schumer, though, pledged his commitment to preserving DACA and even blaming the shutdown on Trump.

The government reopened after all 51 Republicans and 33 Democrats voted to end the shutdown and agree to a short-term deal. Congress now has until February 8th to work out a long-term solution on immigration.

It’s awesome when conservatives can just sit back and watch the left cannibalize one of its own.

Is there any hope for Schumer to save face with his progressive support base?



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