BREAKING! Adam Schiff Just Admitted To Government Coverup Of Explosive FISA Memo!! They Don’t Want You To See THIS!!

Democrats think very little of the American people. To the party of wealth distribution and open borders, American citizens are just numbers to be exploited to keep themselves in office. Democrat Representative Adam Schiff of California appeared on CNN where he demonstrated exactly what he thought of the American public.

In discussion was the FISA memo. When asked why not just publicly release the memo so everyone could read it and make up their own judgment, Schiff had this insulting response:

“Well, because the American people, unfortunately, don’t have the underlying materials and therefore can’t see how distorted and misleading the document is.”

Schiff then tries to put the blame on the GOP, citing that the memo has been “spun” to unjustly attack the FBI.

“I think that spin, which is an attack on the FBI, is just designed to attack the FBI and BOB Mueller to circle the wagons for the White House. And that’s a terrible disservice to the people, hard-working people at the bureau, but more than that, it’s a disservice to the country.”

Members of the GOP are calling for the release of the FISA memo, which is believed to contain damning information over FBI abuse of surveillance laws. More specifically, the FBI was alleged to violate the Foreign Intelligence Service Act, which delves into opposition research concerning the whole Trump-Russian collusion.

The memo, by the way, isn’t some complex novel-length document. It’s only a measly four pages. Yet, Schiff doesn’t believe Americans have the brains to comprehend a short memo? This is precisely why the Dems lost in 2016 and will likely lose again in the midterms and in 2020. To the DNC, the country needs more illegal immigrants because the existing population is just irredeemable deplorables.

Do you think you are capable of understanding a four-page memo?



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