WATCH: Trump SHUTS CNN Losers FACE IN 1 WORD After He Refused To Stop Badgering Him In Oval Office!!!

From the moment Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency fake news outlet CNN has done everything it possibly could to derail his chances of winning. Things escalated greatly after Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Numerous fake reports and allegations by the network have time and again been shown to be false.

It is within this environment that Trump is constantly having to defend everything little thing from his social media presence to his diet. This is a complete waste of time for the commander in chief who has important policy decisions to make almost daily.

The latest example of the hyper-aggressive fake news empire known as CNN resulted in President Trump having to clearly and firmly eject the rude loudmouth Jim Acosta from the Oval Office.

WATCH as Trump boots CNN’s Jim Acosta out of the Oval Office. It’s glorious!

Acosta seems to be oblivious to the treatment he received and whined on Twitter after the encounter.

Make no mistake that all the fake news reports and attacks on Trump have been for one reason. Money. The Trump presidency has been the biggest financial boon for CNN. Attacking Trump and sensationalizing fake news about him to spoon feed has been a very lucrative business model for CNN. Don’t let their Acosta’s fake complaints about their treatment fool you.

Do you think CNN’s war on Trump is solely about making money off their clueless liberal audience with sensationalized fake news?



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