BREAKING! “REPEATEDLY DEPORTED” Illegal Takes BUS On INSANE Police Chase – Makes EVIL THREAT To Passengers!

A terrifying scenario played out like something out of an action film just north of Chicago as an illegal alien made threats against his fellow passengers on a Greyhound bus headed toward the Wisconsin border.

Margarito Vargas-Rosas, 33, who has been deported to his native Mexico five times, was arrested after making the death threats on the bus, as well as to arresting, booking officers and investigators questioning him at the Lake County jail where he is being held.

Vargas-Rosas, who has been living in Chicago, led police on a 17-mile chase on I-94 north of the city, made more hair-raising by the bus driver’s refusal to obey police instructions to pull over.

Instead, spike strips were laid down on the highway to deflate the bus tires, eventually bringing the bus to a stop.

At least two of the 37 passengers onboard called 911 to report that Vargas-Rosas was pacing up and down the aisle of the bus threatening to shoot people “in the head,” although others close to the front of the bus were initially unaware of the “Die Hard in the Back of a Bus” scene taking place in the back.

Passenger Patrick Dodd said the man later identified as Vargas-Rosas was “acting crazy” and pulled something out of his pants that he claimed was a gun.

As Democrats in Congress decide whether to shut the federal government down instead of forging a deal on immigration, illegals who have been deported multiple times only to commit or recommit felonies continue to prey on innocent citizens and legal immigrants.

The passengers were taken off the bus after it came to a stop and questioned before being put on another northbound Greyhound headed for their destination of Milwaukee.

Many were understandably shaken, not the least by the bus driver’s apparent refusal to stop as dozens of police cruisers with lights flashing and sirens blaring were speeding both ahead of and behind the bus.

Another passenger, Terrance Williams, was seated in the middle of the bus and unaware of what was transpiring in the back but was also confused about the driver’s action.

“The law is you see emergency lights you pull over. [The police] were in front of us, they were in back of us.”

Even the use of the spikes didn’t bring the drama to an end.

“He didn’t stop after the first spike strip,” passenger Patrick Dodd told the Chicago Tribune.

According to authorities, the driver told them he believed the police were chasing another vehicle on the highway.

Are you concerned about illegal aliens who have been deported multiple times committing offenses as you go about your daily life?

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