BREAKING! ‘LYIN’ Dick Durbin Just Changed His Story About Trump Sh*thole Comment! Dems Are HUMILIATED!

The wider issue that should be asked of the mainstream media is why they would assume a congressman with a “documented history” of making “false allegations” is believed when he makes an allegation against President Trump, before others within the same meeting stating the allegations are false?

Fortunately the president wasn’t alone with “lyin Dick” and after a few days of hysteria from both the anti-Trump political establishment and their lapdog press, those who were present at the meeting along with Durbin began to finally be heard above the political uproar that the president never uttered the words “sh*thole” in describing the impoverished nation, which suddenly had Durbin quickly backtracking from his original assault against the president.

At first, insisting for the benefit of the cameras; “I know what happened. I stand behind every word that I said.”

However when pressed “off camera” by an industrious reporter quizzing the Illinois lawmaker further whether the term used by the president (as reported by others) was actually “sh*thouse” instead of “sh*thole” Durbin was suddenly unsure.

Remarkably stating to the reporter: “I don’t know that changing the word from ‘hole’ to ‘house’ changes the impact,” attempting to then pivot away from his eye-opening revelation back to the national discourse he created.

Apparently feeling the heat that the statement he just uttered to the reporter needed more clarification he continued; “I don’t think a majority of Americans agree with the president whichever word that he used, I don’t believe that a majority of the Republican Party agrees with the president, whichever word that he used.”

And there, in a nutshell, is how “lyin Dick” attempted to wiggle out of what the others at the meeting had said.

Both Senators Cotton and Perdue recall the meeting insisting that the president never said what Sen. Durbin had alleged, which tells us more about the Democrats futile attempt in trying to intimidate this president into signing a bad deal, by playing the “race card.”

Do you believe once the manufactured hysteria of the left dies down that an eventual DACA deal along with real border security will emerge?
Should there be any DACA deal at all?



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