Did the president finally learn a valuable lesson last week? In that the Democrats will “NEVER” compromise, will “NEVER” negotiate in good faith, and will “NEVER” support the president’s agenda, even on issues they once supported. The Dick Durbin incident is indicative of how the left plans on dealing with the Trump Administration.

If this weekend’s comments by the president that the DACA deal is “’probably dead” is an indication of how the president intends to finally deal with Democrats going forward then hopefully he’s learned his lesson well, in that the Democrats aren’t looking for a “DACA fix” that allows the president to claim a victory, they want to simply continue “blooding him up.’

On Sunday the president indicated that aside from the DACA deal being dead, he surmised that the Democrats “don’t want to help” DACA recipients.

The firestorm created by Democrat Dick Durbin is actually a textbook play that the discredited senator has been playing for decades, in which he simply fabricates an issue, the good senator has a long recorded history of making false accusations, once even raising the ire of President Obama.

Trump on Monday morning reverenced once again his comments on Sunday that the Democrats don’t want a bipartisan compromise on DACA or any immigration deal, moreover the remark attributed to him that certain 3rd world countries were “s**holes,” the president claims he never made, furthermore the 5-other individuals present claim they never heard the president make those remarks. However, the damage has already been achieved.

The president reiterated once again that he’s “ready, willing and able to make a deal but they don’t want to. They don’t want security at the border, they don’t want … to stop drugs, they want to take money away from our military which we cannot do,’ Trump continued in a pair of tweets.

‘My standard is very simple, AMERICA FIRST & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’

The reality is Democrats are actually panicking over the continued economic boom, in which almost 70% of the voting public polled said the economy was either “good” or “excellent,” and perhaps that’s the reason why Democrats tagged Durbin to create a diversion, which is the standard playbook of identity politics that the left engages in.

Do you believe this type of dirty politics might actually succeed or is the voting public finally wise enough to see it for what it is?



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