BREAKING! Numbers Are In! Trump Saves Taxpayers MASSIVE CASH With FOOD STAMP SHUTDOWN!!!

The new Trump economy is seeing the stock market soaring to new heights and employment is up, especially among minorities, and with the passage of tax reform last month, consumer confidence continues to rise.

One government statistic is falling. However, the number of people relying on food stamps has gone down during the 12 months since Donald Trump was sworn in as president.

And the number is significant – more than 2 million fewer people used food stamps to buy their holiday meals this season than during the last year of the Obama administration.

The Department of Agriculture, which administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) commonly referred to as food stamps, issued the data showing the decline.

But while the number dropped from over 44 million, it still represents 42 million who rely on the government program.

The program topped out at $80 billion annually spent by taxpayers in 2013 for 48 million recipients in 2013 during the fourth year of the Obama administration.

Explanations for the drop during Trump’s first year in office range from the booming economy that has seen unemployment drop as the job participation rate rises to work requirements imposed by states that have discouraged recipients who were only marginally dependent on the aid.

Also, some states are looking at new measures to ensure that the funding goes to the truly needy.

Wisconsin may start drug-testing certain recipients and Maine is considering a limit on the number of family members who can use a food stamp card.

And while President Trump wants to look for matching contributions from the states, it may be that the best method of lowering the number of food stamp recipients may be the Trump economy itself as decent paying jobs once again become the norm and reliance on government programs is reserved for those who truly cannot help themselves.

Do you think the booming economy will result in fewer claims for food stamps in the coming year? Do you want Trump to tighten food stamp eligibility even more?

Source: Fox News



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