Obama Just Got Busted For Colluding With Putin To Release American Hunting Terrorist In Vile Treasonous Deal

Most critical thinking individuals have long suspected after witnessing an array of lopsided anti-American policies by President Obama, that the Commander-in-Chief had ulterior motives and perhaps a sinister plot in weakening America’s footprint around the world.

Beginning with undermining the Bush Doctrine in Iran, by ignoring the “status of forces agreement” signed by President Bush and his Iranian counterpart in 2008, assuring that a contingency force would remain in place, as a buffer against terrorist insurgents, which ultimately lead to the growth of ISIS, then came Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with that same country, along with his obvious animosity towards our only democratic ally in the region Israel.

Now we have clear evidence that the Obama administration colluded with the Russian government to free an Islamic terrorist responsible for the deaths of Americans, by once again appeasing Iran, which actually paved the way for the Iranian nuclear program.

This unraveling bombshell report from Josh Meyer of Politico has uncovered a web of deceit between Obama and Putin regarding the capture of terrorist Ali Fayad, a Lebanese arms dealer by the Czechs back in 2014. Fayad is believed to have worked with the Russians a “suspected top Hezbollah operative whom agents believed reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Here’s where it gets interesting, Fayad had been indicted to the United States for “planning the murders of US government employees.” However Obama did nothing to push the Czechs for extradition back to the United States, no formal filings nothing. Thus Fayad somehow ended up in Lebanon where he continues his terrorist activities, supplying weapons to the barbarous Syrian regime.

Obama’s “leading from behind” policies have put America and its allies in danger.

Moreover according to Politico, “administration officials also blocked or undermined their efforts to go after other top Hezbollah operatives … And when Project Cassandra agents and other investigators sought repeatedly to investigate and prosecute Abdallah Safieddine, Hezbollah’s longtime envoy to Iran, whom they considered the linchpin of Hezbollah’s criminal network, the Justice Department refused.”

Do you believe the Obama Administration, along with the heads of the FBI, DOJ and CIA, should all be investigated by a special council for a laundry list of crimes, including conspiracy, obstruction of justice, malfeasance, bribery and collusion?

Source: Daily Wire



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