Another Key Democrat Just Got Busted In Sick Sex Scandal Settlement That Could Ruin The Democratic Party

Have you lost count of the total number of politicians ousted for sexual misconduct? The total is surpassing the number of fingers a person has for keeping count.

You can add Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) to the list. Andrea Payne, a former staffer at Meeks’ office, claimed she was fired by Meeks in 2000 for reporting that she was sexually assaulted at a clinic with ties to a high-profile campaign donor.

Meeks terminated Payne not long after she reported the incident. Meeks also admitted in a lawsuit that Payne’s firing had nothing to do with her job performance.

Payne was eventually paid a settlement. The money comes out of the pocket of the U.S. Congress Office of Compliance. Guess who funds this federal entity? It’s us, the hardworking U.S. taxpayers.

Payne claims that in 2000, she visited the Flowers Physical Therapy center to treat a car accident injury. While the male therapist examined her, he inserted his finger into her vagina. The therapist’s wife is a longtime donor with friendly ties to Meeks’ administration. As for the therapist himself, he was charged but ultimately acquitted due to errors on the prosecutor’s end.

Payne also alleged she was the subject of verbal abuse from fellow co-workers after the incident. Her superiors also mistreated her in other ways, such as making her work overtime without extra pay and not reimbursing her for work-related expenses.

If that wasn’t enough, Payne further alleged that Meeks withheld her unemployment insurance payments after her termination.

It is not known how much money Payne received in her settlement. In any case, the American taxpayers were the ones that paid for it.

Of course, Meeks should be presumed innocent of wrongdoing until more information comes forward. However, such unethical practices certainly seem rampant in the DNC, though the GOP isn’t completely innocent of such instances either.

Is it time to do away with scummy politicians like Franken, Conyers, Moore, and Meeks?



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