Teens Who Crashed Stolen Car Get Massive Payout From Victims Insurance Company While Leaving Him In Wheelchair With Nothing

It seems that those basic virtues that once governed our culture no longer applies, moreover this latest egregious incident defies all logic of what a civil society should be about, in that the criminal now becomes the victim receiving a handsome payday, while the actual victim is once again harmed by a pervasive culture that now rewards “criminality” at the expense of the innocent.

This heinous incident took place in August when 4-teens stole a car and recklessly ran over a pedestrian who was on his way to work. The violent impact sent Ricky Melendez to the hospital with multiple injuries and mounting medical bills.

Melendez was in his car stopped at a red light at the intersection of Tampa Road and US 19, early on the morning of August 6th when a 16-year-old thug drove a stolen SUV into Melendez’s auto.

The high-speed impact was so great that the SUV rolled over several times catching fire in the process resulting in the death of the 16-year old driver and two of occupants, while another teen was thrown through the windshield, however miraculously survived.

The police report indicated that the teens were on an all-night “crime-spree” and upon further examination, their combined “rap sheets” had a total of over 100-arrests between the four of them.

The teens had spent the night on a crime spree. Their combined criminal records already totaled more than 100 arrests.

However here’s the kicker, Melendez is unable to work because of his injuries and is confined to a wheelchair, and facing mounting medical costs, while the families of the 4-thugs who stole the SUV are actually getting a payday from Melendez’s insurance company.

Moreover to add insult to injury Melendez has so far received nothing from GEICO his insurance provider, while the families of the car thieves despite the fact that they stole the SUV received over $20,000.

GEICO acknowledged the outrageous situation despite the police report however because Melendez has no-fault insurance, GEICO was legally obligated to pay.

Melendez has relived the accident perhaps thousands of times, “I think about it every single day, I might not be here right now and it’s really hard to think about something like that.”

Do you think insurances companies like GEICO should be obligated in paying criminals (or their families) causing accidents resulting from stealing autos?



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