Loretta Lynch’s Worst Nightmare Over Bill Clinton Tarmac Scandal Revealed In House Committee Grilling

At long last, President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch was called to Capitol Hill to talk about what she knew about any Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and possibly about her meeting with former President Clinton while his wife, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was the subject of an FBI investigation.

The meeting, however, was behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee, and not in a televised open session. Lynch was not under oath.

Lynch has said publically that she “regrets” talking to the former president during a private, secret meeting on a Phoenix tarmac as the campaign and investigation were ongoing.

After the meeting was outed by a local reporter, Lynch claimed she and Clinton talked only about grandchildren and golf during the 40-minute meeting, despite the investigation.

Former FBI Director James Comey has told Congress that the private meeting “was the capper” that convinced him to take on the decision of whether to recommend prosecution of Mrs. Clinton for various federal crimes connected with her private email server she used to conduct both personal and official business when she was President Obama’s first Secretary of State.

Comey declined to recommend prosecution.

The decision went far beyond Comey’s authority as director of the FBI and would have properly belonged with Lynch’s second in command at the Justice Department had the Attorney General chosen to recuse herself.

Prosecutorial decisions are not made by the FBI, which is charged only with investigating and making recommendations to the A.G. for a final call on prosecutions.

Comey’s unprecedented move did not serve to quiet the storm as revelations about Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal haunted her all the way to Election Day in November.

Reports claim Committee members posed three questions to Lynch related to the Clinton investigations – whether she instructed Comey to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a “matter,” rather than an investigation, whether she asked permission from the Obama White House to meet with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac, and if she was able to address Comey’s testimony before Congress in June.

Lynch declined to answer any of the questions.

Lynch is also expected to talk with members of Senate committees investigating allegations of Russian hacking into the election, as well as her role in the Clinton email scandal.

Do you believe former Attorney General Loretta Lynch should testify about the Hillary Clinton email scandal before a Congressional Committee in open, televised testimony under oath?

Source: Daily Mail



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